Doctor’s Testimonials:

Its innovative device, with non-invasive way, gives so many ideas about the condition of the subject, with very less time consuming, which helps the doctor to give proper supplementary investigations, very helpful.

Dr. Giri. MD

It is the most accurate physiological based equipment I have ever used in my practice…

Dr.Merritt, MD

This is the technology of the 22nd Century…

Dr. Montgomery, MD

Patients Testimonials:

It’s incredible technology! I got my complete Health Assessment Report in less than 40 minutes. I finally found out what made me gain weight.  It wasn’t what I thought! Now 4 months later, I am 30 lbs lighter and happier.

Sandra Williams, 2017. Houston, Texas

This company uses very advanced medical technology that gives a lot of answers to patients.  You can actually see your pain on the screen! It blew me away!

Tatiana Smith,  2017. Kingwood, Texas

This is the best diagnostic technology I ever seen. I have learned what the causes of my depression are.  

Ivanna Gorelik, 2018. NY, NY

Now I can monitor my health!  I lost 26 lbs just by changing one thing in my diet… It was very easy.  

Alex Ivanov, 2019. New York, NY

With 2Steps2Health I did simple genetic test. My test results told me that my body doesn’t “see” vit.B12. Therefore I was always low in vit.B12, no matter what I’ve done.  I got a custom made inexpensive supplement and I feel a lot better. My vit.B12 level is normal now.  

Peter McCormick, 2019. New Jersey