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Gut Brain Connection

Research confirms gut-brain connection in autism STORY AT-A-GLANCE It’s widely known that autistic children often suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) problems, with those experiencing the worst GI problems often having the most severe cases of [...]

Lyme and toxoplasmosis

Why Chronic Depression Can Be Aggravated By a Hidden Toxoplasmosis Infection For people diagnosed with Lyme disease that feel stuck in a dark pit of hopelessness and depression by Greg Lee Imagine you are [...]

Kefir and Insulin

Fermented milk, Kefram-Kefir enhances glucose uptake into insulin-responsive muscle cells. Teruya K, et al. Cytotechnology. 2002. Show full citation Abstract Diminution of insulin-responses in the target organ is the primary cause of non-insulin dependent [...]

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