Biosyntonie Red Discs are made from silicone with inclusions of nanoparticles of metals, minerals, and gemstones. The importance of gemstones is one of the forgotten classical Chinese medicine modalities. Gemstone properties have been described and outlined in the major materia medica (the Ben Cao). Li Shi Gen, one of the earliest medical clinicians known mostly for his alchemical writings, noted that the most permanent treatments are derived from stones because stones test time in their evolution and they do not decay as rapidly. In classical Chinese medicine, stones are considered to be living entities which continue to change and evolve.

The mineral composition of Biosyntonie Discs contains nano-particles of boron, calcium, tourmaline, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, lithium, hydroxyl and fluorine. Because of its electrical properties, it is used for frequency balancing of acupuncture points. Discs have the same effect if not stronger than traditional needle acupuncture.
These minerals are known to assist the body in getting rid of radiation and heavy metals. Powerful chelation stones help to draw toxins out of the bones, as well as pull out whatever damages the DNA, i.e., cancer, radiation, mercury poisoning, infections, chronic fatigue – all manifestations of “pestilent qi”. Free radicals in the body are neutralized by negative ions. Negative ions are generated by nanoparticles in the Discs when they are in contact with kinetic energy.  This is called a piezoelectric effect.

Biosyntonie Science

Biosyntonie is a non-invasive natural therapy used to mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geopathic stress, while at the same time supporting and enhancing the body ’s own natural energy pathways.

The specialty discs used within Biosyntonie may help a person to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution and other energetic stressors.

Biosyntonie Discs are made from ceramic or silicone composed with inclusions of uniquely arranged silica, metals, minerals, and other crystals. These crystals give off their own waves that block and eliminate harmful electromagnetic pollution coming from electrical components and sources. All manmade electromagnetic waves have a 2-dimensional sinus form. All naturally occurring waves that we need and are beneficial to us have a 3-dimensional vortex form. Biosyntonie Disks interact with these 2 -dimensional waves eliminating and converting them into beneficial vortex waves.

Biosyntonie restores the normal vortex waves using resonance phenomena. The stone particles memory of silicone or ceramic discs resonates and create vortex waves whenever they are exposed to natural or artificial waves.

The various crystalline materials in the discs emit beneficial vortex waves that restore the correct information to the body, thus improving its functions both physiologically and energetically. This phenomenon results in greater well-being, as well as the acceleration of physical, emotional and mental healing.