Gut Brain Connection


Research confirms gut-brain connection in autism STORY AT-A-GLANCE It’s widely known that autistic children often suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) problems, with those experiencing the worst GI problems often having the most severe cases of autism Recent research confirms and further strengthens the theory that the gut plays an important role in the development of [...]

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Lyme and toxoplasmosis


Why Chronic Depression Can Be Aggravated By a Hidden Toxoplasmosis Infection For people diagnosed with Lyme disease that feel stuck in a dark pit of hopelessness and depression by Greg Lee Imagine you are part of a rescue team that is working to rescue miners that are trapped in a mine collapse. You are [...]

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Lyme and Mycoplasma infection


How Enzymes for Dissolving Lyme Disease Biofilms Can Increase Pain and Herbs That Can Relieve It  For people with recurring chronic pain, fatigue, or infection due to a mycoplasma infection by Greg Lee / Two Frogs Healing Center   Imagine you are walking in a lush garden with flowers and vegetables and then you [...]

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Kefir and Insulin


Fermented milk, Kefram-Kefir enhances glucose uptake into insulin-responsive muscle cells. Teruya K, et al. Cytotechnology. 2002. Show full citation Abstract Diminution of insulin-responses in the target organ is the primary cause of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM).It is thought to be correlated to the excessive production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In this article, [...]

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Blood Pressure and Insulin


For example, doctors generally recommend anti-hypertensive medications to lower blood pressure, and statins to improve cholesterol. These medications help by treating the symptoms, but they don’t address the high fasting insulin levels that caused the underlying problems in the first place. A better approach would be to correct insulin resistance to keep fasting insulin in the normal range. Only [...]

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