Welcome to LD Diagnostics

We are committed to maintaining your overall health while preventing the onset of any serious medical conditions and complications through annual diagnostic testing using the latest non-invasive medical technology. Too many times, patients have died of cardiovascular diseases and other life threatening illnesses simply because they were not detected early enough to start lifesaving treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Suffer From Anxiety, Depression, or Have Trouble Sleeping?

Some ailments may actually be warning signs far more serious. We work hard to determine the cause of the problem and eradicate it at its core.

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Do You Suffer From Chronic Neck or Back Pain?

You don’t have to suffer any longer. We understand the importance of tailoring a solution that fits the problem, and no two people are the same.

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 Is Your Heart Healthy?

Do you know the condition of your blood vessels? You may be walking around with a ticking time bomb. Make an appointment with our friendly medical professionals.

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Looking for help is sign of strength

Individual treatment is often termed as psychotherapy, and is meant to help people with their emotional issues, which can …

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Get the most out of your work day

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Help your child find new friends

Anxiety is something that exists in everyone’s life to a certain extent, and in a way it is medically known to be helpful …